Writing to your MP or councillor

A letter you can copy

What to do:

  • Visit the website www.writetothem.com
  • Put in your postcode.
  • You’ll see a list of representatives that cover your area. For housing issues, it’s usually best to contact your local councillors. Choose one of them and click on their name.
  • Or, if your issue is very serious or has been going on for a long time, and you’ve tried many other ways to get it fixed, you could write to your MP instead. Click on their name.
  • If you live in Scotland, you should contact one of your MSPs rather than your MP. It doesn’t matter which one you pick.
  • You will see a blank box. Copy and paste the text below into the box.
  • Replace any text [in brackets] with your own information.
  • Delete any information in {curly brackets} that is not relevant.
  • Type your name under ‘Yours sincerely’.
  • Put your contact details into the form below the box.
  • Click ‘preview and send’ and then ‘I’m happy, send it’.
  • Check your email for the confirmation email and click the link.
  • Keep the confirmation mail, as it gives you a record of what you wrote and the date it was sent.
  • Any replies from your councillor or MP will come direct to your email.

I am a tenant of [name of your block or building/address] and I am hoping that you will be able to help with an accommodation issue.

[Describe the problem. Be brief, factual and do not include details that are not relevant to the issue.]

This has been ongoing for [number] [months/years].

I have tried to get this issue resolved without success. [Explain why contacting your landlord has not worked].

I am hoping that you will be able to {visit me to see the issue for yourself.}
{Advise me as to the best next step.}
{Put pressure on my landlord to [make repairs/address the issue].}

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.