Informing your landlord about leaks, failed pipes, or pipes that are about to fail

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A letter you can copy

What to do:

  • If there is a significant leak, contact your landlord or maintenance service by phone right away. Only use this letter for minor leaks or pipes which look as if they will cause problems in the future.
  • Copy and paste the text below into an email or document.
  • Replace any text [in brackets] with your own information
  • Include details {in curly brackets} if they are relevant, or remove them if they are not.
  • Send the email to your landlord, or print out the document and send it by post.
  • If you are sending by post, keep a copy for yourself and a record of the date that the message was sent.

[Your address]
[Today’s date]

[Name of your contact or landlord]
[Your landlord’s address]
[Today’s date]

[Your rent/tenant ID number]

{REF: any reference number you were given when previously raising this subject}

Dear [your landlord’s name],

I am a tenant at [your address] and I am writing to let you know about [a leak/a problem with the water pipes] in [the bathroom/the toilet/the kitchen/the living room/the hall/ the bedroom/another location within your flat/the shared corridor/ the block/another flat number].

{There is a slow leak which is depositing water [in/on] [location]}
{While the pipe is not yet leaking, it is clear that it is on the verge of failing, with potentially disastrous consequences.}
{This pipe has been incorrectly installed and it is clear that it will cause leaks in the near future}

{Not only [is this causing/could this cause] damage to the [property/furnishings/carpeting/flooring/paintwork], but it is also a health hazard.}

{In the first instance I would be grateful if you could arrange for repairs, but I would also like to explore claiming for the damage to my [furnishing/possessions] on the insurance, which I believe must be done through yourselves as landlord}.

I would be grateful if you could get in touch to arrange a visit at your earliest convenience, so that I can show you the issue in person.

You can contact me on [phone number] or via this email address. I look forward to receiving your reply as a matter of urgency, but by [date, two weeks in the future] at the latest.

Yours sincerely,

[Sign your name]
[Print your name]

If you don’t get an answer within two weeks