A facemask and gloves - image by Jernej Furman A facemask and gloves - image by Jernej Furman


Tower block residents and the COVID-19 pandemic

Need repairs and not sure how COVID will affect the process? Here's the latest advice.


Informing your landlord about leaks, failed pipes, or pipes that are about to fail

Problems with water pipes in your block? If there's a minor leak or a leak that's about to happen, copy this letter to your landlord.


Asking your landlord about gas in a Large Panel System block

If you're worried about gas being used in your Large Panel System block, here's a letter you can copy and send to your landlord.


Telling your landlord about structural issues that may indicate a fire risk (cracks in the walls, leaking windows, etc)

If you have spotted signs of breached compartmentation in your flat, like cracks, leaking windows or broken cladding, use this letter to notify your landlord.


Making a complaint about poor repairs

A letter you can use to complain to your landlord about poor or ineffective repairs.


Asking for repairs

Use this letter to ask your landlord to make a repair to your flat or tower block.


Making a complaint about conditions in your flat or block (including condensation, mould, damp)

Use this letter to notify your landlord that they have duties to keep your flat free of damp, mould and condensation.


Notifying your landlord about breaches in fire safety

A letter which you can use to report a fire risk in your tower block to your landlord.


Asking who the Responsible Person is

Every block requires a Responsible Person to be in charge of fire safety. Ask your landlord who it is for your building.


Asking about gas safety tests

Ask your landlord when the last Gas Safety report was written, and how you can see it for yourself.