Asking your landlord about gas in a Large Panel System block

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What to do:

  • Copy and paste the text below into an email or document.
  • Replace any text [in brackets] with your own information
  • Delete and information in {curly brackets} that does not apply to your situation
  • Send the email to your landlord, or print out the document and send it by post.
  • If you are sending by post, keep a copy for yourself and a record of the date that the message was sent.

Where to use this letter

This can be used anywhere in the UK.

[Your address]
[Today’s date]

[Name of your contact or landlord]
[Your landlord’s address]
[Today’s date]

[Your rent/tenant ID number]

Dear [your landlord’s name],

I am a tenant of [name of your block or building] and I am writing to ask about gas in my building.

As you [will be aware/recently informed me], [name of your building] was constructed by means of the Large Panel System, where prefabricated blocks are created offsite and then joined together during construction.

Current building regulations mandate against the use of piped mains gas within Large Panel System blocks unless they have been tested and proven to resist 5 psi static pressure (if bottled gas is also banned from use within the block, this may be reduced to 2.5 psi). The Fifth Amendment to the Building Regulations of 1970 states that this applies to any building above four storeys in height.

As [name of your block] is [number] storeys high, and {is fitted with mains gas} {and} {tenants are habitually using bottled gas}, I am writing to enquire whether the building’s resistance has been tested.

If so, could you provide me with the relevant documentation to assure tenants that the building is safe from collapse in the case of a gas explosion, as famously occurred in the Ronan Point disaster that gave rise to the legislation I cite?

Many thanks for your assistance in this matter. I look forward to receiving your reply as a matter of urgency, but by [date, two weeks in the future] at the latest.

Yours sincerely,
[sign your name]
[print your name]

If you don’t get an answer within two weeks

If you get an unsatisfactory answer, or your landlord considers the matter closed when you don’t, consider making a complaint through the Housing Ombudsman.

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