Asking about gas safety tests

Ask your landlord when the last Gas Safety report was written, and how you can see it for yourself.


Asking your landlord about gas in a Large Panel System block

If you're worried about gas being used in your Large Panel System block, here's a letter you can copy and send to your landlord.


I’ve got problems with my tower block’s heating or hot water

Is heating or hot water a problem in your tower block? Here's how to get that fixed
Gas taps - picture by Erik Kroon Gas taps - picture by Erik Kroon


Is the gas safe in my tower block?

Gas safety is important in every home, but in tower blocks there are additional reasons for checking that everything is secure.


Tenant action – tackling disrepair

Annie Barrett, a tenant of Marsh Drive estate in the London Borough of Barnet joined forces with her neighbours to tackle disrepair in their blocks. We interviewed Annie to find out what action she and her community took.