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Daniela’s story

Daniela is a local authority tenant in South London. She spent 20 years living in her family home in a tower block in South London before was moved out by the landlord, Southwark Council in 2017, due to fire and structural safety issues. She and her young daughter were then moved to another block in the borough, which also has significant disrepair problems.

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How can my local councillor help?

Anne Clarke is a councillor in the London Borough of Barnet. We ask her about her experiences in supporting residents in her area with housing and disrepair problems


Making a complaint about conditions in your flat or block (including condensation, mould, damp)

Use this letter to notify your landlord that they have duties to keep your flat free of damp, mould and condensation.

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Peter’s story

Peter McLoughlin is a tower block tenant who has been living in a 14th floor flat in Netherthorpe, Sheffield since 1988. He was formerly Sheffield's Cabinet Member for Housing and continues to lobby for safer housing conditions across the city, particularly in tower blocks. In this episode, Peter discusses his history in the tenants' movement and what's led him to campaign, carry out his own safety and disrepair audits and write many reports on housing over the past 40 years.


Tenant action – tackling disrepair

Annie Barrett, a tenant of Marsh Drive estate in the London Borough of Barnet joined forces with her neighbours to tackle disrepair in their blocks. We interviewed Annie to find out what action she and her community took.
Image by Craig Whitehead - a man wipes condensation from a window Image by Craig Whitehead - a man wipes condensation from a window


There is condensation in my flat

Condensation is a common problem in tower blocks, and it can add to issues with mould or damp.
Image by Andrew Buchananan - paint flaking off a wall Image by Andrew Buchananan - paint flaking off a wall


There’s damp or mould in my flat

Damp and mould do more than ruin the look of your flat: they can also cause health problems. It is your landlord's responsibility under law to ensure that your home is safe to live in.