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How can my local councillor help?

Anne Clarke is a councillor in the London Borough of Barnet. We ask her about her experiences in supporting residents in her area with housing and disrepair problems You’ve been involved in supporting tenants with housing disrepair issues at the Marsh Drive estate in Hendon. How did you first become aware of the problems there? […]


Telling your landlord that you are setting up a residents’ group

Set up a new residents' action group? Better let your landlord know that you exist.


Tenant action – tackling disrepair

Annie Barrett, a tenant of Marsh Drive estate in the London Borough of Barnet joined forces with her neighbours to tackle disrepair in their blocks. We interviewed Annie to find out what action she and her community took. How long have you lived in the Marsh Drive block? I moved into Marsh Drive in October […]


Directory of Residents’ Action Groups

Discover residents' action groups, and what they have achieved. Add your own action group to our directory.
Two women discussing over a laptoip. Image by WOCintechchat Two women discussing over a laptoip. Image by WOCintechchat

Tools you can use

Starting or joining a Residents’ Association or an Action Group

Joining together with other residents in your block or community can make you much more powerful.


The corridors of my tower block are always blocked with things like buggies and furniture – are they a fire risk?

It's important that corridors are kept clear because in case of emergency, everyone needs to be able to make a quick exit.