Fire safety

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Peter’s story

Peter McLoughlin is a tower block tenant who has been living in a 14th floor flat in Netherthorpe, Sheffield since 1988. He was formerly Sheffield's Cabinet Member for Housing and continues to lobby for safer housing conditions across the city, particularly in tower blocks. In this episode, Peter discusses his history in the tenants' movement and what's led him to campaign, carry out his own safety and disrepair audits and write many reports on housing over the past 40 years.

Podcast, Story

Daniela’s story

Daniela is a local authority tenant in South London. She spent 20 years living in her family home in a tower block in South London before was moved out by the landlord, Southwark Council in 2017, due to fire and structural safety issues. She and her young daughter were then moved to another block in the borough, which also has significant disrepair problems.


Asking your landlord what steps are being taken to deal with unsafe cladding

If you know your block uses unsafe cladding, you can use this letter to ask what is being done about it.


Telling your landlord about structural issues that may indicate a fire risk (cracks in the walls, leaking windows, etc)

If you have spotted signs of breached compartmentation in your flat, like cracks, leaking windows or broken cladding, use this letter to notify your landlord.


Notifying the Fire and Rescue service about breaches in fire safety

If your landlord is breaching fire safety regulations, you can contact your local Fire Service.


Notifying your landlord about breaches in fire safety

A letter which you can use to report a fire risk in your tower block to your landlord.


Asking who the Responsible Person is

Every block requires a Responsible Person to be in charge of fire safety. Ask your landlord who it is for your building.


Asking about fire risk assessments

Ask your landlord when the last Fire Risk Assessment was held and how you can see it for yourself.
A man checking the safety of a window in a tower block. Image by Professor Paul Wenham-Clarke A man checking the safety of a window in a tower block. Image by Professor Paul Wenham-Clarke


What is a Responsible Person?

Have you seen a mention of a 'responsible person'? What does it mean? It's not just a description of a character; it's actually a role defined by fire safety law.
Gas taps - picture by Erik Kroon Gas taps - picture by Erik Kroon


Is the gas safe in my tower block?

Gas safety is important in every home, but in tower blocks there are additional reasons for checking that everything is secure.